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Emtec Movie Cube N500H Review

How original! A media streamer with a digital tuner and video-on-demand service! The little Emtec Movie Cube N500H also has a Flash interface and a control screen. It’s not expensive either, but does it do the job?

The Movie Cube N500H is a networked media streamer and therefore doesn’t have an internal hard drive and you have to link up a USB peripheral, insert a memory card or use a shared network (NAS, computer…).

The casing is in glossy plastic, a veritable magnet for dust and finger marks. The small single line alphanumeric screen on the front isn’t good for much and simply displays the TV channel you’re streaming (see inset). The remote is in light plastic and its buttons can be slightly capricious. As you can see, we’re talking an entry level model…


Excellent media compatibility

Digital TV tuner

SDHC reader



Poor VOD service

Interface too banal

Very plastic feeling remote



With the Movie Cube N500H, Emtec has brought out a good digital media streamer. It does the essential: multimedia decoding, playing and recording. While it doesn’t particularly stand out from the competition, it is nevertheless on sale at a cheaper price than models higher up the range.

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