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EFO Wireless Keyboard… Cheap, simple, but works like hell!

You know what sucks? Well, when you find out that your fancy HTPC wireless Mouse & Keyboard combo that just cost you 149 USD is basically put to shame by your average Chinese no name one, and for 100 bucks cheaper too!


Yep EFO’s wireless Keyboard simply just kick-ass and even perform better than my crappy Logitech diNovo Mini that often does not work correctly and force me to remove the main battery once a week, where some letters stop working correctly after 2 month, and where the track pad seems to have a mind of its own.

Now sure, EFO’s wireless Keyboard is far as sexy as Logitech’s one, but for 4o bucks what can you expect? Now if you can put aside looks and just need something that simply does what it advertises, well, the EFO Wireless Keyboard is you answer.

With a straight forward design, our squarish HTPC remote, features a touchpad like you would find on most cheap PCs, a left and right mouse keys, a fully QWERTY keyboard and directional arrows.
Ultra slim (10mm) our keyboard has a mini USB port that will let you recharge its internal battery, but just plug its USB dongle to your PC, Mac, Linux Box, PS3 and X360 (Did not try yet the Wii) and “Voila” your done.

I have been using this baby since a month now and I really do not regret it… My fancy Logitech diNovo Mini back in its drawer, I now enjoy navigating through Hulu Desktop (PC/MAC) with this new EFO keyboard, Windows Media Center 7 and well quickly type email or URL from my Sofa.

Things are of course no always perfect and I would love to get an Apple Key on this keyboard (or command key) to be fully compatible with my Mac Mini, a faster touchpad, but for 40$ really, this EFO beat the hell out the expensive Logitech diNovo Mini.

Oh and I forget… No drivers are needed, this little wonder is just Plug & Play!

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