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EFO Gadget Shop Announces EFO ‘Smallest’ RF Mini Wireless Keyboard

Wireless is very important nowadays and has been applied to our daily life as well as many gadgets including keyboard. The ‘Old’ wired keyboard is surely left behind, though, it is still commonly used in many offices, schools and houses.  EFO Gadget Shop has announced EFO ‘Smallest’ RF Mini Wireless Keyboard which may be the smallest and lightest gadget.

How smallest? It is smaller than a wallet and the weight is only 43g, so it is easy to be carried. EFO ‘Smallest’ RF Mini Wireless Keyboard is a 4 in 1 gadget consisting of keyboard, mouse, touchpad and laser pointer. With the portable size, it makes user freely manage personal computer. Additionally, besides compatible for Windows OS, it is also compatible for Mac and Linux.


Besides being a handy HTPC remote controller, EFO ‘Smallest’ RF Mini Wireless Keyboard is also suitable for presentation that lecturer, presenter, sales manager and anyone who needs to present something with projected image. EFO ‘Smallest’ RF Wireless Keyboard is able to control computer operation from distance up to 10 meters away, where user could manage some actions:

– Change slides
– Select screen options
– Write on the projected image
– Emphasize words and objects with dynamically
– Inserted lines
– Draw on the projected image dynamically

Standard features and specifications of EFO ‘Smallest’ RF Mini Wireless Keyboard are:

– Rechargeable Li-ion batteries: Last longer that it is up to two weeks between charges
– Short recharge time: Around two hours can fully charge the battery
– Indication light: Multiple indication lights for signal, data transmission and power
– Backlighting: Makes text entry effortless even in dim light
– Compact: Perfect size for portable (60 X 100 X 10 mm)
– QWERTY keyboard: Standard Keyboard layout for convenience input
– Charge Voltage/Current: 5V/300mA

EFO ‘Smallest’ RF Mini Wireless Keyboard is available at EFO Gadget Shop. For Pre-Launch booking, price is $40 and will be back to normal to $50 when it is officially launched in September.

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