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ECS H67H2-M & H67H2-I HTPC Motherboards Review

Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors and platform were released with a lot of attention to this next generation’s performance and capabilities. Unfortunately there also was the quickly resolved bug in the SATA 3G controller that soured a successful launch. This aside, the Intel Sandy Bridge 2500K and 2600K processors have proven to offer excellent performance at stock speeds with even more performance available if you choose to push the limits with processors reaching 4.8 to 5.0GHz at will on the P67 platform. But the boards I am looking at today are part of ECS H67 lineup. Intel’s H67 board did not provide any overclocking ability above the limits of the processor’s Turbo Boost 2 multiplier when I looked at it during the Sandy Bridge launch article due to the limitations of the chipset. The H67 based boards from ECS are no different in this respect. On the IGP side of the fence though, the ability to bump up the performance of the Intel HD 3000 graphics can pay dividends across the whole suite of applications that are GPU accelerated. The two motherboards I have to look at from ECS are the H67H2-M and H67H2-I. The “M” is a fully featured Micro ATX form factor motherboard that is part of ECS “Black” series and is equipped with the Intel H67 chipset for use with Intel’s latest second generation Core processors. The “I” is a mini ITX form factor motherboard is equipped with the features to easily outperform many of the small form factor boards on the market when equipped with one Intel’s Second Generation core series processor. Both of these motherboards would be right at home in an HTPC or small form factor build.


  • Feature set
  • Small form factor
  • GPU overclocking
  • USB 3.0
  • SATA 6Gb/s
  • I/O Port Covers
  • Functional applications



  • CPU overclocking (H67 Limitation)


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