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DViCO TViX S1 Media Player Review


As a scaled-down version of the Tvix 6632N, the Dvico Tvix S1 Slim is a more affordable media centre that’s one step up from the Tvix N1. It has a digital TV tuner but there’s no integrated memory card reader. For the rest, the S1 is very similar to the 6632N and both use the same internal software. So can Dvico pull off another five-star product? Let’s find out.


Hardware: an excellent interface

The S1 Slim looks so similar to the 6632N that there’s no mistake these products are closely related. In fact, the design is identical, and we’re pleased to see the return of the high-quality plastic casing (glossy this time) and brushed aluminium top-plate. Plus, a 3.5-inch hard drive can be easily inserted with no need for screws. 


There’s the same VFD on the front for navigating though files and folders with the TV switched off. However, we would have preferred to see an LCD like on the PopcornHour C-200, as this type of display is much easier to read.

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