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DViCO TViX 6632N Reviewed

This is a multimedia hard drive that has everything going for it.  The Dvico Tvix 6632N has a powerful decoding chip, a display, 802.11n WiFi built-in and a pair of HD TV tuners.  You can add a stylish exterior and hardware handling of DTS and Dolby Digital audio signals and the result is a serious contender for our top score.  So, does it make it?



Faultless support for multimedia formats

Double HD TV tuner

Quality interface

SDHC card reader and WiFi N built-in

Display on front panel


Online services not up to the rest

Impossible to watch local HD content while recording a HD channel

No USB on the front

No video inputs

HD and DTS Dolby Digital not supported


This is a hard drive that won us over: it’s well-built, has a great interface and no compatibility issues at all. Having two HD TV tuners is a real bonus that we absolutely loved. This is very much an excellent choice of media centre …
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