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Digital Home Server – Free HTPC Software

The Digital Home Server (DHS) is a FREE home automation and multimedia application which is easy to use, and aimed at non-technical users.

DHS is different than other similar tools :

  • True multi-monitor : all monitors connected to your PC will be used, and any application can run on any monitor.
  • Any size will do : DHS adapts to whatever screen size you have, whether it’s 7” or 24” !
  • DHS does home automation and multimedia
  • The graphical user interface is especially designed for touch screens.
  • Simplicity is more important that just another useless feature.  Every action can be done in just a few mouse clicks (or touch, if you have a touch screen)

DHS is actually a graphical framework with a number of applications. Some applications are small and can be dragged around the screen, others are full screen.  Gradually, new applications will be released in the future.

Some examples of applications:

– MP3 player

– Internet radio player (with radio station database)

– Photo slideshow (you can choose any monitor to send the slideshow to)

– Podcast player

– Shoppinglist (and use your iPhone to consult the list when shopping)

– Timer

– Video player (play anything for which a codec is installed, including HD and subtitles)

– Calendar (uses Google Calendar as backend)


There are also a number of small widgets which you can place on the desktop :

– BE Railway Time Delay (special widget for specific audience)

– Weather Forecast

– Rain Radar (shows where rain is falling)

– MP3 Remote Control

– Time & date

Development for the DVD player is ongoing.

Digital Home Server is ready for download.

Checkout the Digital Home Server home page for more information.





  1. Soitjes says:

    A new module has been release : Scanning & Archiving. Scan your paper documents, and track your unpaid invoices.

  2. Soitjes says:

    A new module has been release : Notify My Android. Send notifications to your Android smartphone from the Digital Home Server.


  3. Soitjes says:

    Just a little update to tell you that several new modules have been released in the meantime :

    – DVD Player : play DVDs from optical or local hard disk
    – An analog clock
    – A little scribble pad
    – Wakeup module
    – Picasa Slideshow

    All information available on my website :


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