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Diamond All In Wonder HD Premium 5000 Video and TV Tuner Card Review

I’ve always wanted TV capabilities on my computer. I always ran into anxiety over choosing what would work best in my computer. I didn’t have a laptop until recently, so when I considered a TV tuner, it was for a desktop or maybe an HTPC. Should I go with USB and would it be fast enough for my needs? I always though the USB interface might be too slow for good HD signals. Plus, the USB adapters stick out like sore thumbs. I considered internal solutions as being more discreet and the better choice.

Diamond Multimedia All In Wonder HD Premium 5000


Now that we are in the age of HTPCs, I think TV tuners are being overlooked. Sure, there are many TV programs that can be found online on sites like Hulu, however these programs typically have a delay as to when they are posted online. Some only take a few days while others can take a week or two. If you live in a house like mine, the wife owns the DVR box. So, if I want to watch my shows, they need to not conflict with her recordings. This is where a TV Tuner would be absolutely necessary for an HTPC. HTPCs generally pride themselves on being small, discreet, and stationed in a central location. Internal solutions are the best option when building these PCs.

Diamond Multimedia All In Wonder HD Premium 5000


The Diamond Multimedia All In Wonder HD Premium 5000 can fill that last puzzle piece for your media PC. The All In Wonder 5000 combines a good mainstream video card with a popular TV Tuner all in one package. You get a Radeon HD 5570 GPU with an internal 750 PCI-E TV Tuner. The Diamond Radeon HD 5570 isn’t a powerhouse video card, however there is enough “pow” in it for everyday general use and a bit of light gaming. The 5570 has a core speed of 650MHz and memory speed at 1600MHz. There is 1GB of DDR3 memory onboard. Next, is the TV Tuner card. The 750 can receive analog (NTSC), digital/HDTV (ATSC) and unencrypted digital cable (ClearQAM) signals with time shifting functionality, as well as FM radio stations.

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