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Dell M110: the Wireless Pico Projector

Dell announced a new pocket projector, the M110. Optionally, there is a USB dongle for use it wirelessly. it’s compactness is what characterizes it at first. With less than 4 inches high and 10 centimeters in length and width, it actually fits in an hand. Its weight is also reasonable with 360 grams weighing. Despite this very small appearance, there is no shortage of technological specs. Thus, the USB dongle Dell ($70) allows it to wirelessly stream content from a computer, a smartphone or a tablet.

Equipped with VGA, HDMI and USB, it presents an 1280 x 800 pixels image thanks to its LED projector and, according to Dell, it has a lifetime of 20,000 hours. It can reproduce the size of a screen from 30 to 80 inches. Of course, in this last size, the picture may not be clear. ¬†Designed “for the home as the office”, says the manufacturer, the M110 is part of the new Pico generation. With a 10 000:1 contrast display and a brightness of 300 lumens, it is simply 10 times better than the¬†Samsung model in 2010, the H03.

This Dell M110 also comes with a built-in media playback where it can show media files from USB flash drive and microSD card.

This performance has against its price. The M110 is available at $500 on the Dell website.

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