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D-Link DNS-320 and DNS-325: New ShareCenter NAS

D-Link announce new ShareCenter NAS

NAS are getting very handy these days, as we can have access to our data regardless of any device that we’re using right now. D-Link has announced two new ShareCenter NAS servers, and they are the DNS-320 and DNS-325. These new NAS servers get some speed bumps in contrast with the older models.

Both pack dual SATA 3.5-inch drive bays for up to 4TB of total storage, a single USB 2.0 port, RAID support, integrated P2P, gigabit Ethernet, and a built in web file-server app. It’s a rather disappointment that they don’t include any iOS or Android apps, and there’s no support for USB 3.0 or even Thunderbolt. Thankfully these are DLNA-certified.

Available now, the $110 DNS-320′s got an 800MHz processor and 128MB of RAM, while those willing to top up to $200 for the DNS-325 get 1.2GHz silicon, 256MB of memory, photo gallery and audio streaming apps, plus the ability to host your blog directly from the device. Yes, hosting your own blog by using the built-in

If you want a 1TB drive pre-installed, prices jump to $200 for the DNS-320 and $280 for the DNS-325 when they drop next month.



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  1. Dean says:

    I just purchased this D-Link 325 and disappointed with the software package after spending $500.00 on hard drives and the box itself. Tech Support is worthless and you just get 3rd party back up software for back up, leaving D-link off the hook for supporting this device. No YouTube Tutorials or documentation, you need to be a IT technician to understand the Utility. This device is working ok with my streaming music but D-Link Dropped the ball on good Interface Software it’s not user friendly at all. D-Link needs to go back to the drawing board as for Interface Upgrades,

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