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Cubox Pro is a portable computer quite different from conventional

When we think of a portable computer, usually we not imagine something like Cubox Pro, which is nothing more than a computer designed to take up minimal physical space, generating the lowest possible power consumption. But this one is definitely too small.


With Cubox Pro, we have a new definition of portable, as we know. Yes, we miss the peripherals to work with it, since the product does not accompany a keyboard, monitor or mouse, but its processing capacity is there, even in a case that measures just over 5 cm wide. In short, the product literally fits in the palm of your hand, and can be transported from home to work, so you use the same technical specifications in both environments, with all the features pre-defined.

The logic makes us think that everything that is very small in the world of technology is not very powerful. In the case of Cubox Pro, this phrase is not entirely true. The product has an ARM PJ4 processor at 800 MHz, a 1080p video decoder, an OpenGL/ES 2.0 graphics engine and 2 GB of RAM in this Pro version. It also has an Ethernet port, optical SPDIF audio output, HDMI output , eSATA 3Gbps port, two USB 2.0 and a microSD card slot. Not bad for a computer with very small dimensions.

Finally, Cubox Pro also has an infrared receiver, so you can use it as a media center, with the ability to use a remote control to make your life easier. The computer comes with a pre-installed Ubuntu operating system (ie, not a mobile operating system, but a really desktop system), and all this will come to the final consumer at a price of $160 (if you pre-order it, it goes for $130).

Apparently, the product appears to be a direct competitor of the Raspberry Pi, mainly because it is not focused on those who want to learn how a system works, and does not want to get close to the lines of system code. The product can also be an interesting competition in the market for media centers, since all you will need to do to run your videos on your TV by connecting a portable hard drive, and you’re ready. A media center that will not take up space in your living room.

This whole package of benefits and wonders comes with a power consumption of just 3W when playing a video in Full HD, which makes the product highly recommended for those more concerned with the electricity bill of your home.

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