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Crystal LED, the Sony’s answer to OLED

If Sony has stopped costs with OLED panels, it presents a new LCD technology called Crystal LED.

Yesterday, Sony said it will snob the OLED. Indeed, the Japanese announced they do not want to commercialize OLED immediately, saying the technology is too confidential to be profitable. Today, we learn that Sony has in fact a response called Crystal LED.

Thus, Sony responds to OLED large-format televisions from LG or Samsung  with its 55″ Crystal LED. A screen that uses very small LEDs mounted on each sub-pixel color (RGB), equivalent to the number of pixels available. All technical details of this technology is not yet known, but Sony proudly announced that this screen has a response time of 10 times better than a conventional LCD TV, a marked contrast to 3.5 times and a colorimetry 1.4 times larger.

Engadget, who been able to watch this TV, regrets that the presentation – made ​​on a prototype – only displayed still images refreshed sporadically. However, they found it very bright and detailed. To be continued …

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