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Crucial v4 and OCZ Agility 4 256GB SSD faceoff

Our colleagues on TechSpot proposed a duel of two 256GB entry-level SSD: OCZ Agility 4 and v4 from Crucial. Both are sold at around $200, the question is which pulls out of the game in this segment.

Both models are part of the entry level of their respective manufacturers, although sold at substantially the same price, their differences are significant. On one hand, the Agility 4 is directly derived from its Vertex 4 big brother and offers a S-ATA 6 Gbps interface, enabling it to reach 400 MB/s sequential read and write, on compressible files, and a maximum of 85,000 IOPS random write 4KB files.

On the other hand, the Crucial v4 offers a S-ATA 3 Gbps interface, which means much lower speeds, 230MB/s read and 190MB/s write, while will settle for a maximum of 10,000 IOPS read and 4,000 IOPS random write 4KB files.

While on paper, the battle seems unequal, what is really at application benchmarking? One of them won the duel with honors, or should we prefer more upscale models? Response in the test of our colleagues.

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