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Crucial M4 256GB SSD Review

Crucial announced their next generation SSDs at Storage Visions in January of this year. The enthusiast class Crucial m4 SSD offers capacities up to 512GB, a speedy SATA 6Gb/s interface, home-grown 25nm Micron NAND and an exclusive Marvell 9174-BLD2 processor. The combination nets 415MB/s read speeds and 260MB/s writes with support for up to 72TBW.

Before we get too far along, it’s important to clarify a branding change. Micron owns the Crucial brand and has re-worked the way they’re marketing SSDs. The former RealSSD branding has been moved to Micron with the new version being the RealSSD C400. The C400 is being sold as Micron’s OEM client SSD and will pop up in branded notebooks, desktops and the like. Crucial will market and sell the m4 SSD in the consumer retail channel. Both drives are fundamentally the same, though the C400 firmware will go its own way based on OEM requirements.

Either way, with a Crucial m4 or a Micron RealSSD C400, you end up with an SSD with a good pedigree. The RealSDD C300 was the first mainstream SSD to offer a SATA 6Gb/s interface, at the time making it the fastest kid on the block. It didn’t take long however for other companies to catch on, and now there’s an ever expanding list of drives that use SATA 6Gb/s. But Micron maintains several advantages, many of them surrounding the fact that the drive offers home grown firmware, tier 1 NAND and a tweaked Marvell processor.


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