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Creative ZIISOUND DX Series Bluetooth Speaker

“Creative Technology Ltd today announced the launch of a brand new category of wireless speakers, the ZiiSoundTM Dx series of pure wireless modular speakers. The ZiiSound Dx series consists of the ZiiSound D5x wireless one-piece speaker, ZiiSound D3x wireless one-piece speaker and ZiiSound DSx wireless subwoofer. These speakers are set to redefine the home audio experience for consumers and establish a new standard for how retailers sell speakers. With the introduction of pure wireless modularity, Creative changes how consumers can purchase a home audio system.”

Creative seems to be all-in on Bluetooth audio, which is something I can’t say about Apple, Microsoft, or any other major player in this space. I honestly don’t have enough experience with Bluetooth audio to understand how good the quality is, but Creative is going after this market with a lot of gusto – so it must sound decent enough for home theatre needs.

They’ve also released a new line of Bluetooth headphones and an affordable one-piece Bluetooth speaker.


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