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Creative reveals Sound Blaster Axx, its new family of wireless speakers

After all the excitement generated by Creative for a new family of Sound Blaster products, and as the company had announced, yesterday May 30 revealed that it was, and this has not been a new generation of sound cards, but a new generation of wireless speakers.

The Creative Sound Blaster Axx incorporate their own audio processor, the SB-Axx1 Processor, an advanced audio effects processor that improves the experience on a phone call when you watch a movie or listening to music, with a  dramatically superior audio quality than what exists in the market. These new speakers in two of their models also incorporates an amplifier and can charge and power of a micro-USB connector that also serve to connect to a PC.

Following the characteristics of these hexagonal design speakers, the Bluetooth connection is the key to connect directly to mobile devices with IOS/Android as a smartphone and tablet to play music and video (a music concert for example).

Its touch controls simplify the design to make it more refined and elegant, incorporates a microphone that will work as an hands-free when we receive a call on our IOS or Android smartphone, and it will also recognize voice commands from applications such as Siri and S-Voice for example. In the following video you can see some of the functions.

Another features on these peculiar speakers is directional audio and ambient noise attenuation, ideal for when you use it as handsfree in your home or office, as can be seen in the video below.

The Sound BlasterAxx also include a USB connection to your computer and will be available in 3 different models: Sound BlasterAxx SBX 20, Sound BlasterAxx SBX 10 and Sound BlasterAxx SBX 8.

Its availability will be from July to August at prices of $199.99, 149.99 and $99.99 respectively.

Sound BlasterAxx Specifications

Sound BlasterAxx SBX 20

Premium Wireless Sound BlasterAxx for Smart Devices

  • Works wirelessly with Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Application support for iOS, Android, PC and Mac
  • Innovative acoustic ID utilizes a stacked stereo design that directs sound to fill the room
  • Voice Focus with dual-microphone array
  • Premium speakerphone encompassing noise reduction and voice focusing technologies to improve communications
  • Hardware-accelerated SBX Pro Studio and CrystalVoice technology
  • Control buttons embedded in a backlit touch-sensitive panel
  • Aux-In connectivity for wired connection to audio playback devices
  • 410 x 91 mm form factor

Sound BlasterAxx SBX 10

Best-in-Class Wireless Sound BlasterAxx for Smart Devices, PC and Mac

  • This model incorporates all functions of the SBX 20, except it is smaller in size

Sound BlasterAxx SBX 8

Ultra-portable Sound BlasterAxx for PC and Mac

  • Smaller in size than the SBX 10 and is designed to be the perfect companion for PC and Mac


● SBX Crystalizer – Enhances audio for music and movies by restoring details in the high and low frequencies
● SBX Surround – Delivers an immersive personal surround sound experience
● SBX Smart Volume – Solves the problem of abrupt volume level changes in music, movies and games by intelligently applying gain and attenuation to deliver consistent volume levels; includes Night Mode to reduce the impact of explosions and bursts of sound so as not to disturb others after hours
● SBX Dialog Plus – Enhances the intricacy of the human voice in movies and games, allowing the listener to hear the dialog clearly
● SBX Bass – Fills in the missing low frequency tones and gives that ‘extra punch’ for a better entertainment experience


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