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Creative D220W Sleek Wireless Speaker

Creative going to release the D220W Wireless Speaker that comes into Soundbar style in Q4 this year. The speaker is the Sound Blaster Wireless transmitter that connects to any USB port on your desktop or notebook to stream music. The slim D220W with a strong European styling, finished in glossy piano black.

Which features state-of-the-art precision amplifiers and drivers to make “it” in a very tense and a shell wrapped frame designed to distortion limit, providing a deep bass and clear sound, combining an excellent sounding speaker soundbar do.

The transmitter can also include other music streams creative products such as wireless speakers GigaWorks T20W wireless speakers, Sound Blaster and Sound Blaster Wireless Headphones Wireless Rock.

The Creative D220W speaker with Sound Blaster Wireless transmitter will be available in Q4 for US $169.99.

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