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Corsair Introduces its new Performance Pro Series SSD with Marvell Controller

To maintain a wide range of SSD units to it’s rivals (OCZ), Corsair has launched its new and renovated Corsair Performance Pro series, which integrate a SATA 3 Marvell controller and delivering up to 515/440 MB/s reading and writing respectively.

These units also have “Supercharged Synchronous NAND” memory architecture  (such as Corsair Force GT units), which gives a more even and sustained performance in high demands.

On the other hand these units have a built-in advanced background garbage collection allowing TRIM functionality, even when the operating system does not support this feature. This implementation is also ideal for RAID configurations that, independently of the operating system, do not support TRIM.

Finally, these units have an IOPS performance of 60,000 to 65,000 (4k aligned) and come with 3 year warranty from the manufacturer. 128GB ($279) and 256GB ($529.99) are available. The 128GB unit will offer speeds of 500/340 MB/s read and write respectively.

In 6.0Gbps SATA drives, the Pro Series Peformance fall below Force GT  and Force 3 series and above of Corsair Performance 3 series.

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