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Corsair F90 SSD Review

Corsair’s family of Force Series SSDs are well known to us; the SandForce SF-1200 powered drives have already been reviewed in 40GB and 120GB capacities. The new 90GB F90 is part of a capacity update announced in early December that also included the 180GB F180. The F90 fills an interesting capacity and price point void that existed between the 60GB and 120GB models. Squarely between these two, the F90 brings reasonable capacity to the market at a price of under $190. 

Editorial note – the F90 review will be somewhat abbreviated as we’ve covered most of the detail surrounding this drive in the F40 and F120 reviews. We’ll highlight benchmarks and other significant findings but for more detail you may refer to the prior reviews. 

Corsair F90 SSD

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