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Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybird Power Supply Unit

Cooler Master has announced its Silent Pro Hybrid Series PSU, which the company claims is “the industry benchmark to aspire to“.

What Cooler Master decided was to go one step beyond that, actually building a series of power supply units that can work with their fans turned off.

Basically, the “fanless” mode has the fan stay inactive until the PC reaches loads of more than 200W, at which point the safe mode activates the spinner, based on the energy and heat load level.

Cooler Master implemented another benefit, that of a 5.25-inch bay fan controller module, for on-the-fly control without any unnecessary strain on the mainboard.

Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybird PSU

Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybird Price & Availability

Their power outputs are of 850W, 1050W, and 1300W and, in that order, the US prices are of $200, $250 and $300.


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