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Conspin Smart Qwerty CRU 200TQ Universal Remote

Looking for a nifty remote for your home theater? This remote from Korean tech firm Conspin just might fill the bill. The Smart Qwerty CRU 200TQ has a rather silly name, but the remote itself looks like a really nice bit of industrial design.


The front side of the Smart Qwerty has all your standard home theater and media controls for playback, device selection, changing channels and audio. But flip the remote over, and you’ll discover a 66-key QWERTY keyboard. There’s also a trackball mouse for speedy navigation. A built-in gyroscope figures out which side is currently facing up.


The Smart Qwerty’s front is a six-device IR universal remote, while the keyboard and trackball works with Google TV devices, gaming systems and HTPCs that support USB keyboards. Just plug the included RF dongle into your device, and you have a mini wireless keyboard. It’ll also work in IR mode if your device supports infrared keyboard remotes. There’s no word yet on where you can buy the Smart Qwerty yet, but it will retail for $129.99 (USD) when it eventually hits stores.

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