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CompuLab fit-PC2 Win7, Atom Z530, Windows 7 Pro, RAM 1GB, HDD 160GB

CompuLab fit-PC2 Win7, Atom Z530, Windows 7 Professional, RAM 1

Price: $446.00


fit-PC2 is setting standards for a no-waste PC, reducing size and power consumption to levels never before seen in any full-featured PC.

CompuLab fit-PC2 Win7, Atom Z530, Windows 7 Professional, RAM 1 GB, HDD 160 GB



  • fit-PC2 Win7 Professional is an amazingly small fanless PC.
  • fit-PC2 is the greenest, most power efficient PC available.
  • Now providing an enterprise ready solution with Windows 7 Professional preloaded.
  • fit-PC2 is Flat-screen TV friendly with Full-HD, 1080p video playback and IR receiver.
  • fit-PC2 is the most power efficient PC on the Energy Star list.

User Reviews

This fit-PC2 is a great little computer.

I am the IT admininstrator at my company. We bought two of these, one with XP Pro without wireless, and one with Win7 Pro with wireless.
They work great and are perfect for our needs. We have the XP machine running an HDMI display for our production area. The Win7 is connected to a mobile bagger and acts as a print server.

They are feature rich–you can load a full version of WinXP Pro or Win7 Pro, four USB 2.0 full-size ports, 2 mini USB 2.0 ports, HDMI port with an included HDMI-to-DVI cable to hook to a DVI monitor, 1GB RAM, Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n wireless, IR receiver, line-in and line-out and microphone ports, miniSD memory slot. Mine came with a standard 160GB SATA drive, but you can instead put in a standard solid state drive if you don’t want any moving parts. You can attach a keyboard, mouse and DVD drive via USB. It also boots to USB fine, and I reloaded Windows XP and 7 successfully from the included DVDs.

They have no fans, so the metal case is the heat sink and gets quite warm to the touch. So, you’ll want to make sure you don’t stick it in a drawer or some enclosed place it where it may get overheated.

The Atom processor is noticably slower than a Core processor, but that’s the trade-off you make for the PC’s tiny size. It is fine for typical light business or home use–Internet, MS Office, Adobe Reader, listening to music, antivirus. I didn’t try any video such as YouTube on it, but I bet it would do fine.

The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that I think the price is high for the Win7 version ($450 on Amazon). The XP model was at least $150 cheaper. Much of that price is the Windows license, and you could likely load/order Linux instead and save a bundle–if you like Linux, which I don’t.

All-in-all, these are great little PCs. — Really slick little computer

The CompuLab FIT-PC2 really FIT’s anywhere. It is great for working or listening to music but when it comes to a little more the FIT-PC is to weak. Also I think that Windows7 (pre- installed) is to much for this little wonder. Except that I really liked it but it didn’t FIT my needs. — Small wonder



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