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Cideko Air Keyboard Wireless Media Keyboard & Gyro Mouse for HTPC

Cideko Air Keyboard

I can’t understand why this wireless HTPC keyboard hasn’t received more attention! Originally introduced by Cideko late last year, a new, co-branded version of the Cideko Air Keyboard will be sold by MSI this Spring, according to Cideko’s news announcement (pics of the MSI branded product available here). However, you buy the original Cideko Air Keyboard from TODAY for $89.99. Product highlights: 50 meter wireless range, compatibility with Windows / Mac / Linux, QWERTY keyboard, multimedia keys, left/right mouse buttons, and the best part… a gyro mouse that lets users move the cursor on-screen with simple wrist motions. I also dig that it’s similar in size and design to a game consoler controller. Check the demo video below and see if you don’t come away impressed.

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