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CES2013: ASUS announces the release of the Qube, its first device with Google TV

ASUS promised a device with Google TV for CES 2013, and fulfilled the promise, announcing the Qube, a media box that looks like the Boxee Box. The model comes with a proposal to offer a simple interface and easy navigation for the user, offering on-demand content via streaming, web browsing and other features.


This connected small box uses a remote control with motion sensor, but also allows the use of Android user smartphone, through the ASUS’s own remote control application, available on Google Play. The Qube concept is present even in the user interface, which is cube-shaped to ease the available content viewing.

Among the available content, there are strong services available, like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Google Play, who have content to rent and purchase, plus an integrated web browser and all other features known to Google TV.


ASUS would not reveal details about the hardware specifications of the product, since the Qube is still under consideration by the U.S. FCC, but rumors hint that the model should have a Marvell ARMADA processor. USB ports and HDMI is something that can be taken for granted, and an integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for remote control functions.

On the storage side, Asus will award 50 GB on its servers.

As its release date, the ASUS Qube price was not disclosed.

The price will be $299.

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