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Canon LV-7590 Multimedia Projector

Canon introduced the new LV-7590 multimedia projector in US with 7000 lumens brightness and 1800:1. The new projector can use a Color Control Device, an advanced technology for exceptional clarity and precise color to deliver.

It has an XGA resolution of 1024 × 768 resolution, 10-bit digital video processing, 3D Digital Noise Reduction and Intelligent sharpness control for smoother color transitions and faithful color reproduction.

The Canon LV-7590 also features the Auto-Winding filtration system with a cartridge air filter, the filter automatically when needed and can progress to 10,000 hours (ten automatic filter) will be used for a new cartridge is necessary. Besides the DVI-D, D-Sub, Component / Composite, S-video inputs, new projector from Canon is 5BNC Terminal RS-232 port.

Canon LV-7590 offers five optional lenses, including an ultra-wide angle lens (LV-IL01), wide-angle zoom lens (LV-IL02), Long Focus Zoom Lens (LV-IL03), ultra long focus zoom (LV-IL04) and a 1.3 times zoom lens (LV-IL05). The projector is priced at $ 8,999.

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