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Building a Mac Home Theater Media Center

I wanted to see if I could build a fast but inexpensive HTPC using XBMC. I wanted to use Mac OSX (Lion $29) or Ubuntu OS (free), because I hate the high cost, and all the hassles that come with a Windows OS, This video shows all the parts I used, and how I put them together into a very compact but powerful Media Player for under $400. I  built the PC in one day with hardware I bought at my local Fry’s and Micro Center. That part was easy, but getting a Mac OS to work on a PC took me more than a week, but it was well worth the time. This thing boots in under 20 seconds and works just like a real Mac that would have cost me $2,000 or more.

I have also included a short clip of the finished Player in action. It’s connected directly to my 7.1 Denon THX AV Receiver. From there I have 2 outputs one to a small 42″ Samsung HD TV for watching everyday TV shows, and with the push of a button I can switch to my HD projector that I use for watching HD movies and DVD’s on a 10 foot pull down screen. This is a real computer if I wanted to use it to run applications for work, but I build it just as a Media Player and it’s perfect, I love it.

by Charles Nigrelli

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