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Building a Home Theater PC

This video demonstrates the construction of a Home Theater Computer.  It was built by myself and other members of Cornell University’s Solar Decathlon Engineering Controls Team.

The computer utilizes a Core 2 Duo Processor at 3.0 GHz, a 128GB Solid-State Hard Drive, and a GeForce 9300 GPU included in its Nvidia 730i chipset.  It will be served media content from a home server.

This computer was built with the following design goals in mind:
EFFICIENT POWER USAGE:  Accomplished by using a low wattage CPU, A Solid State Hard Drive, an 80+ Certified PSU, and a motherboard with energy saving features.
EXTREMELY QUIET:  Utilizes a Solid State Drive to eliminate hard drive vibrations, 2 silent 120mm fans, and an efficient case structure.
HD EXPERIENCE: Integrated GPU provides HDMI HDCP-enabled video output at full HD resolution, while reducing heat and power consumption because of the lack of video card,  Gigibit Ethernet enables streaming of content from the house’s multimedia home server, 3GHz CPU provides ample headroom for video decoding.

1 Comment

  1. Zimbo says:

    Did you measure CPU, mobo and hd temperatures. I bet they are too low.

    In my opinion with 2*12 cm fans this PC is over ventilated. You should lower fan speed or better add an knob for changing it. Then you could add discrete graphics and and you could play games as the CPU is too powerful for just watching movies.

    Why do you need file server? There is enough space in this box for at least 6 TB disks.

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