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Bugdroid took control of the TV

Japanese Logitec will offer, in mid-January 2012, to the owners of an Android AppPhone an accessory (LBT-IRU01) that connects to a TV/TV recorder (hard drive, Blu-ray …) which allows ‘take control with an Android application (“LogiRemo”).

The LBT-IRU01 box receives instructions from the phone, which must be compatible with the Bluetooth 2.1 standard profile (SPP) and be within 10 meters via a Bluetooth link and communicates with the TV and/or recording TV via infrared signals.

To ensure full compatibility, Logitec works with four giants of the electronics for the moment: Sony, Panasonic, Sharp and Toshiba. Compared to an infrared remote control, there’s no need to worry about being in the right angle, and well faced to the electronic devices. The LBT-IRU01 power supply is done using 4 alkaline batteries, giving one month autonomy.

Dimensions: 83 x 161 x 38 mm. 120 g.

Price: 8000 yen (approx. $100).

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