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BryteWerks Model One: HTPC with an integrated video projector

A Home Theater PC that incorporates a 1080p projector is the BryteWerks great idea that will cost a high price.

A Home Theater PC with integrated video projector, here’s an original idea. This is the One of BryteWerks that integrates this projector in a big black cube case, capable of playing video in 1920 x 1200 pixels definition – 16:10 format – with a luminance between 6,000 and 11,000 lumens.

But inside this box, there is also a computer configuration with an Intel Core i3 or i7 (depending on configuration), a Blu-ray and a default 2 TB hard drive (or an optional 500GB SSD). To control this machine, a small 8.9″ touch screen in 720p will be at the back, but it is also possible to add a good old keyboard/mouse or control it via a mobile application for Android or iOS.

The manufacturer’s website for now simply refers to a page to register to obtain the latest opportunity to buy this original HTPC, no date of availability. We just know that orders can be made from January 9 with a starting price of $ 2,449 and up to $ 5,999 for the model with all options. Oh, anyway!

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