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brite-View HDelight Turns HDMI-Ready PCs Into Wireless HTPCs

Web and PC Content Such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and 1080p Blu-ray Movies Transfer from PC to TV Wirelessly

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 28 /PRNewswire/ — brite-View by Xpike Innovation today launched the HDelight (BV-1222), the company’s third WHDI solution for the home theater. The HDelight is the most compact of the three, and further differentiates itself with the ability to turn any HDMI-ready computer into a wireless home theater PC.

Using the HDelight is easy. Just plug the USB-powered transmitter into the computer’s HDMI port, and the receiver into the TV’s HDMI port. The user can then immediately start enjoying any content available on the computer on the flat-screen HDTV, including Blu-ray movies, Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. This plug-and-play solution requires no software installation. The HDelight can transmit 1080p content up to 30 feet without latency, so PC gamers can enjoy the full rush on a large-screen TV.

One of the YouTube videos brite-View pre-released for the HDelight addressed a common “multi-tasking” scenario. Using the dual monitor display on your PC, the HDelight lets you watch a Netflix movie on TV while simultaneously checking your Facebook status.

“brite-View is the market leader for WHDI solutions that enrich HD entertainment experiences,” says Robert Lo, CEO of Xpike Innovation. “With the HDelight, you can enjoy web or PC content on TV without having to spend $2,000 for the new connected TV. Because Boxee software is installed on the PC and smart phones work as remote controls, you don’t need other boxes around the TV.”

The HDelight MSRP is $179.99, but on, it is available for pre-order for $159.99. brite-View is also holding a sweepstakes, and on October 28, 2010 one lucky person will win the HDelight and Logitech diNovo Mini bundle.

SOURCE: Xpike Innovation, Inc.

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