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Boxee Remote Control Pricing Leak: $39.99


Want that cool two-sided Boxee remote control, but don’t care about the Boxee Box? Well, you’re in luck: It looks like the remote will be sold separately soon for a street price of $39.99. Electronics retailer J&R briefly listed the device on its website this weekend, but has since removed the item, presumably because pricing and availability haven’t officially been announced yet. listed the device as “D-Link Boxee Remote – DSM-22,” which matches the model number for the remote revealed in September through an FCC filing. The site listed the item as “coming soon.”

The Boxee remote is identical to the one shipped with the Boxee Box, meaning that it will use RF instead of infrared technology and feature a two-sided design with a full QUERTY keyboard. The remote control will come with a RF USB dongle that is likely familiar to people who use dongles to link their PC to a wireless keyboard. It will work with both stand-alone PCs as well as home theater PCs (HTPCs) used to bring Boxee to the TV screen.

Boxee had originally said that the remote would go on sale separately at the same time as the Box. A Boxee spokesperson didn’t want to comment on the final pricing, but said that the remote will start selling “very soon.”


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