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Boxee Live TV Confirmed

A few days ago we hung the news of a USB device that would connect to the Boxee Box to allow to watch cable/antenna TV. Boxee has confirmed today the availability of the USB adapter with the name of Boxee Live TV. You can book it at a price of $ 49 and will start shipping in early January 2012.

Still Spending Too Much on Cable TV?
A lot of TV shows and movies are online, but some things are still best enjoyed in the moment. Boxee LiveTV delivers live sports, local news, special events, and shows from your local broadcast stations (like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC)* via an HD antenna – it means way more stuff to watch on a Boxee device with no monthly fees… so why spend so much on cable TV?

You may get more information about Boxee Live TVĀ at

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