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Biostar launches an Hi-Fi Z77

Biostar has announced a new motherboard based on Intel’s Z77, the Hi-Fi Z77X Ver. 5.x. The main feature of this board, is the audio. Grouped under the Puro Hi-Fi name, a set of small refinements aimed to better integrate the audio circuit, a Realtek ALC898 one (24 bits/192 KHz).

To treat the whole assembly, the circuit is isolated from interference from the rest of the motherboard: specific power stage, noise-blocking multi-layer PCB isolating the audio port of the rest, high-quality capacitors and resistors and an amplifier for phones outputting. The whole thing, according to the manufacturer, gives a signal/noise ratio of 110dB, as is also the case of the ASUS SupremeFX III. More information on the Puro Hi-Fi are available here.

The rest of the motherboard is more conventional: Intel Z77 associated with a socket 1155, 4 DDR3 DIMM slots, 2 PCI Express x16 (3.0) operating in x8 SLI or CF, PCI Express x16 (2.0) wired as x4, and three PCI Express x1. For storage you will find two SATA 6Gbps and 4  SATA 3Gbps. The detailed list of specifications is available on the product page of the Hi-Fi Z77X Ver. 5.x. Of course if you appreciate the care taken in the audio port of the card, a dedicated sound card will be more interesting, which can be used successively on several machines.

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