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BenQ Joybee GP2: a 720p Projector with Battery and an iPhone Dock

BenQ has unveiled a mini LED projector 720p fairly original. Indeed, it integrates a dock for iPhone or iPod as well as a battery, which allows it to operate autonomously.

It takes more or less the shape of its predecessor, the Joybee GP1, but with improved technical specs and a revised and corrected design. Its measurements are 52.5×140.3×129.8 mm (93.8×140.3×129.8 with its battery) and weighs 0.56 kg without battery (1.05 kg), so it is really compact and easy to move around.

Its brightness is 200 ANSI Lumens for a contrast ratio of 2400:1, against 100 ANSI lumens and 2000:1 for the previous model. The definition also climbs to  1280×800 pixels (slightly more than the 720p), against 858×600 pixels for the Joybee GP1. Know then that it has a throw ratio of 1.13. BenQ announces that it can display images from 0.5 meter to 2 meters diagonally.

Connectivity is fairly complete and includes the following:

  • Computer in (D-sub 15pin) x 1 (via CEA 30 pin cable)
  • Composite Video in (RCA) x 1 (via CEA 30 pin cable)
  • HDMI (v1.3) x 1 (mini type)
  • Audio in (Mini Jack) x 1
  • Audio L/R in (RCA) x 1 (via CEA 30 pin cable)
  • Audio out (Mini Jack) x 1
  • iPod/iPhone Universal Dock x 1
  • Speaker 2W Stereo x 2
  • USB (Type A) x 1 (USB Reader)
  • USB (Type Mini B) x 1 (USB Display/File Transfer) Compatible with Win XP SP2 32 bit , Win Vista 32/64 bit , Win7 32/64 bit
  • Card Reader x 1 (SD, SDHC up to 16GB)
  • Internal memory 2GB (1.3 GB for user usage)

Note that the VGA, composite and RCA for audio are available via a supplied adapter in the bundle. It comes to plug into a 30-pin proprietary connector. A pair of speakers with a power of 2 x 2 watts is also present.

The manufacturer states that the Joybee GP2 is capable of playing multimedia files (including MKV with subtitles), Microsoft Office Suite documents as well as PDF.

The optional battery, produces, according to the manufacturer, a range of 3h at 100 ANSI lumens, but only 1 hour at maximum brightness. Note that it recharges in 3h30.

Here there is 2 video presentations posted by the manufacturer:

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