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Belkin Presents Its New Wireless Products Series for HDTV

With the idea of bringing the power of the cableless internet to all kind of devices, Belkin has launched a new range of products that will probably interest to those who want to eliminate cables from your TV. First, the ScreenCast AV 4 is a pair of wireless devices which will be responsible to drive FullHD signal from up to 4 devices to your TV without the need of any cable. To do so the transmitter includes 4 HDMI inputs which connects the sources and through a WiFi 5 GHz wireless connection, it will send the information to the receiver, which will be previously connected to the television. The price of this ScreenCast AV 4 is 249,99 dollars, and will go on sale next month.

On the other hand, the manufacturer has presented other two devices, an universal wireless adapter called Universal Wireless HDTV Adapter, which would provide wireless connection to those TVs that have RJ-45 connection but without integrated WiFi. Another product is Universal Wireless AV Adapter, something like a wireless access point with 4 Ethernet ports that will take your internet connection up to 4 different devices. The price of each is $79,99 and $99,99 respectively.
We leave you the links, so you can get more information of each.
ScreenCast AV 4
Universal Wireless HDTV Adapter
Universal Wireless AV Adapter

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