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B-Move Trackball+ Review

B-Move presents a great little product for the market of HTPCs and computer games. This is a small sized keyboard that integrates features of mouse-trackball with a good range and a great design. We analyzed a very interesting peripheral of really small size, that make us to remember 9-inch netbooks keyboards, which will bring the possibility of surf the web and even access to advanced features at a distance of 10 meters.

The company B-Move just released a new version of its compact Mini Trackball keyboard. It has been renamed to B-Move Trackball +, improving the design, being lighter and portable and have polished the problems posted by the original model related to the trackball, one of the most common complaints from the community of users of the device.

This is a very small keyboard, the keys are small in size, slightly smaller than a 9-inch netbook like the ASUS Eee 901. The quality of construction and assembly are just right, but we cannot ask for more considering the price of the peripheral.

The keyboard has 78 keys with 36 function keys, not modifiable. It has multimedia controls, common browser functions and Office keys, cut and paste, Internet access, email, etc.

The keyboard works via radio frequency (2.4 GHz), which provides a range of up to 10 meters, including through walls. The control system of the mouse is very accurate with trackball format to handle with the right hand while the left is pressing the buttons and scroll wheel.

Size compared with a 15-inch laptop and a netbook ASUS Eee PC 901.

To function it requires 2 AAA batteries 1.5 volt (included), under a cover on the bottom, where we also find a slot to insert the USB RF transmitter to not lose it during transport.

Slot to insert and keep the transmitter on the keyboard itself.


The B-Move keyboard + trackball is a peripheral with a size suitable for use in HTPCs environments, consoles and other which makes it highly portable. The keys are somewhat small, but after a period of adaptation is not difficult to gain typing speed . However, the location of certain keys cause some mistakes because they are not in their natural positions, which is understandable if you want to use such a small device.

Both the management and the low weight makes a purchase interesting for users of HTPCs, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii (only compatible with Wii Chat). A score of 8.2 because of its great value for money.


Compact. Very portable with space designed to hold the transmitter. Plug & Play. Powerful 2.4-GHz RF. Compatible with PC, Mac and consoles. High precision trackball. Numerous shortcuts.


Location of certain keys because of the scale. Fitting size.


Very small keypad and price, which integrates mouse-trackball-with a powerful and good design. It is a good alternative if you have in mind to set up a HTPC.

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