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Automate your XBMC Database using AutoHotkey and Ember Media Manager

It can be a pain keeping your XBMC client(s) feed with new TV shows. This is especially true if you use Ember Media Manager to create your .nfo files and fetch fanart, etc. This is my process and so far its working quite well.

I download files from XBMC using the Icefilms and JDownloader addons. This is just one method. You can also use RSS Torrents or News Groups. All we are worried about at this point is getting content from the net and downloading it to a central location on your hard drive. A scheduled task, Batch file and AutoHotKey script handles the rest.

This post assumes the user is currently using XBMC and Ember Media Manager. Please don’t ask me how to use these programs. As I said before, I’m using Icefilms and JDownloader. Don’t ask me how to use these either. There are seperate support threads for those topics and I have provided links below.

The scheduled task does the following:

  • Batch File launches a program called theRenamer
  • theRenamer grabs files from the download folder, renames them for XBMC and copies them to the correct location on my hard drive.
  • Batch File then launches an AutoHotKey script and closes
  • AutoHotKey script launches Ember Media Manager and presses the “Update Library” button before closing.
  • XBMC Library Auto Updater Addon in XBMC updates the library every 4 hours

Required Programs:

XBMC I don’t need to tell you where to find this
AutoHotKey found here
theRenamer found here
Ember Media Manager found here

Read the full tutorial at

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