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ATSC NTSC Hybrid HDTV PCI TV Tuner /Digital Video Recorder

Price: $ 31.95


  • Supports Digital TV for ATSC, Analog TV for NTSC
  • Watch free Digital HDTV on PC and Cable NTSC TV 7 FM Radio
  • Supports up to 1920x1080i(HDTV)
  • Schedule TV recording and save directly to your PC’s Hard Drive
  • Time Shifting, PVR, DVR, Still Image Capture in BMP/JPG

X8000A uses the latest TV decoding chip from Silicon Valley. It supports both free-to-air HDTV and traditional NTSC TV signal decoding with the built-in dual tuners. You will enjoy crystal clear HDTV with resolution up to 1920 × 1080i. With its professional grade playing software TotalMedia by Arcsoft, your viewing experience is like a breeze. Combined with the card, TotalMedia also functions as a personal/digital video recorder (PVR/DVR), picture viewer, music and DVD player, and more. A fully functioning remote control is also supported. Detailed Feature List

* Supports HDTV for ATSC (US/Canada/Mexico format), Analog TV for NTSC
* Watch free Digital HDTV on PC
* Supports up to 1920x1080i(HDTV) resolution
* Very easy to use graphics


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