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Atom D2550 : Better Performance for a stable price

Discreetly, Intel has finally launched the Atom D2550, which embodies the first update of the Cedar Trail young platform, launched in the beginning of the year, as expected. It was actually referenced in the Intel’s ARK database.

But the new Atom D2550 is not a minor upgrade to the Atom D2500, it is bringing an increase of frequency, contrary to what one might think.

As expected, this dual core processor actually welcomes the Hyper-Threading, which doubles the number of threads in software, which improves almost all the performance in applications that take advantage of multithreading.

If the frequency of the CPU section remains at 1.86 GHz with 1 MB second level cache memory, the GPU, however, also benefits from an improvement, since its frequency raises from 400 to 640 MHz. Not enough to mess up the uses we can make from it anyway.

However, it would be a pity to buy a devicde today, be it a min PC or a NAS system, with the already old Atom D2500. With a similar manufacturing cost, and therefore a corresponding sale price, the D2550 significantly has a better performance.

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