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ASUS WAVI Xtion Wireless Display and Motion Controller @ Computex 2011

The ASUS WAVI Xtion, a device similar to the Xbox Kinnect, allows users to interact with their systems using their whole bodies.

The WAVI portion is connected between the home PC and the HDTV using wireless operating at the 5Ghz band, and allows users to control their PC from the living room by means of a wireless keyboard and mouse that can be connected to the USB ports on the rear.

Hook in the Xtion portion, and you can control games, movies or surf the web using your whole body. It comes bundled with gesture-based games like BeatBooster, MayaFit, and Dance Wall, but the built-in Xtion Engine can turn all your PC games into gestured-controlled games with, game pad, sports and racing modes.


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