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Asus O!Play Mini Review

Following the AC Ryan Essential and the WD TV HD, here we have the Asus O!Play Mini, another basic media centre which is happy to offer just the essentials: playback of multimedia files and that’s it! There’s no network or internal hard drive. You just plug in your USB peripheral or memory card and this makes for a lower overall price.

Compact and well-finished, the O!Play Mini looks pretty nice. You can’t say the same for the remote however. It’s built out of poor quality plastic and the design makes it look as if it should be used to operate your grandparents’ video player.


Multimedia compatability

SDHC reader

Mosaic display of photos



Interface somewhat neglected

Catalogue feature not worth using

Audio part needs revisiting

Remote too basic



Another media centre, then, with nothing that marks it out from the crowd.


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