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ASUS Eee Box HD 1006 Nettop PC – Black

ASUS Eee Box HD 1006 Nettop PC - Black

Price: $298.99


The Eee Box HD mini desktop PC is the latest addition to the Eee Box family. This newest incarnation now allows users to enjoy crisp and clear high definition content by means of a HD hardware decoder. Still retaining its svelte design, the Eee Box HD’s portability lets you turn virtually any space into a high definition entertainment zone for maximum enjoyment. Let the Eee Box HD blow your mind with a high definition experience that is simply out of this world! Ever wish you could avoid cumbersome desktop systems hogging valuable desk space? Now you can! Built as small as a paperback novel, the petite Eee Box HD even has an option to be mounted onto your LCD display, virtually occupying no space at all! While it’s great on saving space it also great on saving power. Constructed with earth-friendly materials, the Eee Box HD has the environment at heart. Consuming only around 20 watts of power, it does so much, for so little. It also makes it so easy to learn, work, and play. With the Eee Box HD’s Easy Mode, using Windows has never been easier. The intuitive graphical user interface makes finding and running the Eee Box HD’s programs a breeze. To further sweeten the deal, the Eee Box HD also comes with a fully-customizable program launch shortcut bar found on the Windows desktop—Eee Bar. Bypass confusing menus, and get straight to the application you want every time! The package contains 1 year warranty card, Eee Box, keyboard, optical mouse, and VESA mount.



  • Intel Atom N270 Processor 1.6 GHz
  • 1GB DDR2 RAM, 1 x Slot, 2 GB Max
  • 160 GB SATA Hard Drive (5400 RPM)
  • Windows XP Home Operating System
  • ATI Radeon 4530 (DX9) GPU with dedicated 256 MB of DDR2 VRAM. HDMI port

User Reviews

Just thought to share my experiences with the ASUS Eee Box HD 1006 Nettop PC – Black after a few months of service.
1) It DOES come with the WiFi, despite what it says on the Amazon specs. And the 802.11n works just fine with the older 802.11g network.
2) I can’t say it is better or worse performance than my HP Mini 311 netbook that has the same Intel Atom 270 cpu but the Nvidia IonLE GPU.
3) As expected, it really struggles with just about any video at full 1080P. Much better at 720P. That said, I haven’t properly benchmarked this with H.264 content where the GPU should kick in. I was trying YouTube HD and various Flash animations.
4) The ATI Catalyst control center app is great for setting up to a HDTV as monitor. I’ve tried this on a Samsung 40″ 1080P and a Haier 32″ 720P through the HDMI port. I found that not all the HDMI ports were created equal. I had a bad overscan problem on port 3 that wasn’t on port 1 or 2. Odd. It does come with a short HDMI cable which is nice. And a dongle to extend the coverage of the wireless keyboard and mouse.
5) The audio channel DOES come through the HDMI. It doesn’t on my HP Mini. But, for some reason, I need to make sure I have my HDTV on before resuming the eeeBox from sleep, or the audio doesn’t seem to be enabled.

It is too bad that this model with the HDMI port is not available with Linux. I’d like to save the Windows tax. Maybe the drivers for the GPU are not available.
January 25, 2010.
Ottawa, Ontario. — Using it for 3 months

We bought this system to be our 2-year old’s first computer. We got tired of him banging on the keyboards of our expensive Macs and PC’s, and sometimes causing file problems by hitting keys that changed functions. He definitely loves computers, so this seemed like a great option to start him off right…. and we WERE right!

While many others are buying this system as a set top for their TV’s, we purchased it to use with a special kid’s keyboard and mouse; and with software and websites that are kid-friendly. It has worked very very well for our purposes, with only a couple of small gripes listed below.

The unit is very small and compact… about the same size as our Apple TV unit. Power button and USB ports are well-positioned and operation is painless. We specifically ordered THIS unit because it includes Windows XP vs. Vista or Win 7. Some of the software we use on the system is not compatible with Vista, so this was a clear winner. The wireless keyboard and mouse that comes with the system is awesome! We love it, though only my wife and I use it to program the computer, then hide them from my son. We attached the “myPC” keyboard and mouse from Targeted Technology with oversized keys and a kid-friendly mouse that he uses to learn letters and mouse functions. It works great! (See the user picture I posted at the top of this page). We have a shortcut link to […] which is a very well designed and SAFE kid’s site that has all kinds of games, videos and other educational links that are carefully vetted for kids.

Some have complained about this unit not being able to play online video without stuttering. We have NOT had this problem except on a couple of HD videos streamed from the net. For the most part, sites like YouTube and News Videos play without a problem and the system keeps up just fine. Additionally, we have iTunes Family Sharing on all of our computers, and this unit plays streaming music and videos from the other computers in our house without issue.

The Wireless connection was painless and instantaneous. We have Apple Wireless Routers in the house and the system linked without issue… and with a 100% level connection. There were no problems at all with the system connecting wireless.

We also purchased the Asus external DVD/CD player that matches the system, and it works flawlessly as long as the USB connectors are attached to the computer. It does NOT like USB hubs, though the keyboard and mouse that we bought for our son works just fine on the hub.


1. Beautiful, compact, functioning Windows XP system that works out of the box.
2. Wireless connections are flawless with our Wi-Fi routers. (Also has available ethernet connection)
3. Built-in sound card and graphics are better than we expected.
4. HDMI out available though we don’t use it.
5. Bluetooth built in and Asus Easy Update for upgrades
6. GREAT compact wireless keyboard and mouse included
7. Hidden partition that allows for reinstalling all software to factory condition and settings.


1. ExpressGate system does not always come up, though we tested it and it works as advertised when it does
2. Recovery discs included with the system with all important software.
3. Documentation is good, but not extensive. Asus site and Forums may be needed for advanced information.


1. Screensaver settings and power settings are quirky and don’t always work, though this may be more an XP issue than the Asus.
2. System sometimes requires full power down and reboot.. but again this may be an XP issue. (This happens only when leaving the system on and unused for long periods)
3. As is often the case with new computers based on Microsoft OS’s… required almost 50 updates from Microsoft’s Windows Update server out of the box. (3+ hours of updates… yikes!)
4. Glossy black surface shows fingerprints and smudges easily and requires regular cleaning to shine. (OK.. not really a con, but an annoyance!)

Overall, we have been very pleased with this purchase and price. It is perfect for our application and the form factor is exactly what we were looking for while paying a price lower than the option of a Mac Mini, or similar Dell.

Recommended. — Quite pleased with the system for what WE use it for….

It would have been a great purchase, that is if it had worked! It has all the features you can ask for in a Nettop Media center – Wireless keyboard/mouse, HDMI, Card reader. Sadly, I could never get it to work.

1) Atheros Wireless Card simply refused to connect to ATT U-verse gateway router. It would simply show ‘Acquiring Internet Address’ for hours! I got it connected by ethernet and checked driver updates. Only driver updates available are for Windows 7 for a nettop that ships with Win XP. ASUS Easy update informed me that I had latest updates.

2) Audio wouldn’t work 90% of the time on Sony Bravia 46″ TV. Only time it worked briefly was when the screen saver was running! Once I clicked the mouse and out of screen saver, it abruptly stopped again. Again, no audio driver updates were available for Win XP.

3) Keyboard shipped to me was defective. They have this nice feature where you can use some alphabet keys as numbers and other special symbols, if you hold down the ‘Fn’ (custom) key. Not sure who will need that! My keyboard had this logic reversed. I had to hold down the ‘Fn’ key to type some alphabets & numbers. Most frustrating experience I have had with any keyboard ever.

4) You need a passing knowledge of Chinese to register at ASUS US website. I had a submit button show up in Chinese!

I didn’t test other functionality as this half-ASUSed product was practically useless for me without sound on TV and wireless connectivity not working. I am returning it to Amazon for a refund. What a waste of 2 evenings I could have spent on other useful stuff.

NOTE: I would rate this product ZERO. But Amazon forces me to give it at least one star! — Half-ASUSed Product

I was pleasantly surprised when I initially booted this machine up. It processes extremely well and is virtually quiet. You have to get really close to it to hear anything out of it. After a day or so of running on Windows XP I decided to commence my plan of using it as a Media Center. I loaded ubuntu linux and xbmc on it and after installing a couple other debian packages it was up and running with-in an hour. It’s been 2 weeks and I haven’t needed to reboot or re-install anything. I can watch HD Movies and listen to High Quality audio over my wireless connection (stored on a network pc) as smoothly as if they were being accessed locally. If anyone is looking for an inexpensive single purpose machine that runs ultra quiet and reliably… this is it. Good job Asus! — Runs very well

This box is pretty slick. It plays all of my videos in beautiful HD and combined with freeware XBMC or Boxee is a powerful little machine.

Nettop box implies that you will be able to watch videos over a network, specifically the internet. Due to limitations in hardware (CPU) and software (flash encode/decoding) streaming flash video over the internet is choppy. If you are buying this machine to watch hulu you are out of luck. — It works… kind of.


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