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Asus E35M1-I Review

As the only company to produce both desktop processors and dedicated graphics cards, AMD believes itself to be in a unique position to blend the two technologies into a single chip. With Intel combining CPUs and GPUs into its processors for some time now, this may not seem a huge deal but the company does have some big plans.

AMD Fusion

AMD calls its combined chips APUs (Accelerated Processing Units), and they all fall under the long-touted Fusion branding. These Fusion APUs will eventually be rolled out across the whole AMD range, and appear in laptops, desktops and even high-end workstations. For the initial release, though, the company concentrating on providing an affordable and power efficient platform for netbooks and small form-factor PCs – of which the first example we’ve seen is this Asus E35M1-I Mini-ITX motherboard.

Asus E35M1-I

AMD seem determined that Intel shouldn’t be the only ones with a ludicrous naming strategy, though they have taken a different approach. So here we have a Fusion ecosystem product (AMD’s term, not ours), which will be marketed to consumers under the AMD Vision brand. More precisely the board falls under the Brazos platform, which includes the Hudson chipset and Zacate APUs, which in this case is a E-series model, that in turn uses Bobcat processing cores and an AMD Radeon HD GPU. Phew.


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