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Asus bets on micro-ATX motherboards for HTPC

Asus launches a range of micro-ATX motherboards for HTPC users.

Want to build an HTPC to put near the TV? Luckily, Asus has just announced some new motherboards made ​​for it. With a Micro-ATX format, the B75M-A, H61M-PLUS, H61M-A/USB3, H61M-A or even the A85XM-A, A55M-A/USB3, A55M-A will be tailored for multimedia activities of the living room.


Whether for models with Intel LGA 1155 or AMD FM2, the processors of these motherboards have a chipset that can exploit the different video outputs present on the rear panel as HDMI, DVI or VGA to an additional screen in addition to the television.

For the rest of the specifications, Asus lists many SATA ports or PCI-Express slots if you still want to add a graphics card. There is also a boosted USB 3.0 version which would then be 1.7 times faster than competing versions. Now we wait to find out more about the different prices of the HTPC motherboards and their marketing dates.

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