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AsRock Vision 3D HTPC Review

We find it a bit mind-boggling that home-theater PCs don’t generate much interest among mainstream consumers. These machines offer so many features, and most people are already familiar with the Windows interface. Luckily for we enthusiasts, companies like AsRock keep working diligently to improve HTPC design. The Vision 3D delivers nearly every digital entertainment feature you could you could want, including Blu-ray 3D, Internet TV, video on demand, online music services, and access to all the digital media stored on your own network.

The machine’s $850 street price renders it very expensive compared to, say, a media-streamer like the Boxee Box, especially since it doesn’t come with everything you’ll need to get started (more on that in a moment). On the plus side, however, TV networks and service providers such as Hulu can’t block an HTPC from accessing their content online.


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