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Arctic Launches Accelero S1 Plus: A Passive GPU Cooler

Artic Cooling after the announcement of the Accelero Twin Turbo for the Radeon HD 6990, also revealed a more universal and silent cooler: the Accelero S1 Plus, with a passive heatsink with support for multiple midrange cards .

This passive cooler has dimensions of 230 (L) x 135 (W) x 42 (H) mm, weighing 410 grams and 32 aluminum fins, with 4 6mm copper heatpipes copper, with pre-applied G-1 thermal paste. This sink is U.S. $ 49.95 / € 37.65 and comes with 6 year warranty.

Absolute Silence
As a passive cooler, the Accelero S1 PLUS is noise-free while keeping the graphic card working at normal temperature! It helps to cool your graphic card without any disturbance to your work or entertainment.

Wide Compatibility
Due to its RAM and VR heatsink set and flexible mounting plate design, the Accelero S1 PLUS is compatible with over 80 different models of midrange to high-end graphic cards.

* The compatibility list is based on AMD Radeon and NVIDIA\’s reference board layout only. ARCTIC holds no responsibility for incompatibility on non standard cards. Please check the height restriction drawing before purchase.

Efficient Passive Cooling
Thanks to patent DE 20200600, the Accelero S1 PLUS allows more air to pass through the fins than any other passive coolers. The heat from the VGA card can be efficiently dispersed. A further enhanced cooling performance for the Accelero S1 PLUS is made possible with its optional accessory (S1 PLUS Turbo Module).

Enhanced VR Heat Dissipation
Compared to thermal tapes, the thermal glue G-1 included with this cooler significantly improves the efficiency of heat conduction from the RAM and VR to the heatsinks. It secures the heatsinks while enabling subsequent removal residue-free.

AMD Radeon:

HD 6870*, 6850*, 6790*, 6770, 6750, 6670(LP), 6670, 6570, 5850*, 5830*, 5770, 5550(OEM), 4870*, 4850*, 4830*, 4770, 4730, 4670, 4650, 4550, 4350(LP), 3870, 3850, 3690, 3650, 3470, 3450, 2600XT, 2600Pro, 2400XT, 2400Pro, 1950XTX, 1950XT, 1950Pro, 1950GT, 1900XTX*, 1900XT, 1900GT, 1800XT*, 1800XL, 1800GTO, 1650XT, 1650Pro, 1600XT, 1600Pro, 1550, 1300XT, 1300Pro, 1300


GTS 450, 250*, 240(OEM)*, 150(OEM)*, GT 440, 340, 330, 320, 240, 220(not LP), 130(OEM), 9800GTX+*, 9800GTX*, 9800GT*, 9600GT*, 9600GSO, 9500GT(not LP), 9400GT(not LP), 8800GTS 512(G92)*, 8800GTS(G92), 8800GT, 8800GS(9600GSO), 8600GTS, 8600GT, 8500GT(not LP), 7950GT*, 7900GTX, 7900GT, 7900GS, 7800GTX 512, 7800GTX, 7800GT, 7600GT, 7600GS, 7200GS(TC)

* S1 PLUS Turbo Module is required for sufficient cooling capacity. It will be available in early November 2011.

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