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Arcam FMJ AVR400 A/V Receiver Review

Once, all you needed to enter the receiver business was audio-engineering chops, competence in packaging efficiency, and a sharp pencil over the bottom line. That was then — before the digital audio/video revolution and the birth of the A/V receiver as we know it. Today, you need at least as much smartsin the computer, DSP, and software/firmware fieldsas you do in plain ol’ audio, a fact that has thinned,and continues to thin, the herd of receiver makers noticeably.

Arcam is one of the survivors — perhaps due to its early embrace of digital audio, its rational-price high-end-market positioning, or simply its British, bulldog-breed stubbornness. Whatever the reasons, we consumers are the beneficiaries of a new, three-model lineup of handsome, HDMI 1.4-equipped Arcam A/V receivers, of which the FMJ AVR400 is the least costly. The significantly more expensive AVR600 and AVR800 appear to share an entirely different hardware architecture (despite the 400’s similar, knob-less appearance), though their feature sets, and even power ratings, are not so very much grander, at least on paper.

Key Features

+ 7 x 90 watts (7 channels driven)
+ Streaming Internet radio and DLNA/UPnP, via Ethernet port; local media via USB port
+ 5 HDMI v1.4 inputs (3D-capable), 1 output
+ 8-channel preamp outputs
+ Upconverts video to 1080p via HDMI with video processing addressable by input
+ Decodes Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio soundtracks
+ Proprietary auto-setup/room equalization with supplied microphone
+ iPhone/iPod compatible (with optional dock)
+ Dolby Volume level correction
+ Onscreen overlay displays for setup, info
+ FM/AM tuner with 50 presets
+ Zone 2 AV via composite-video, line or via channel 6/7 speaker out
+ 8-component preprogrammed remote
+ IR in (2, by zone), 12-v trigger (2, by zone), RS-232 serial port, proprietary iRDock (DB9) port

Dimensions + Weight
17.4 x 6.75 x 13.4 in; 34.2 lb

$2,500 /

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