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Apple Unveils 2nd Generation Apple TV

The rumor became a reality today, folks. Steve Jobs unveiled the 2nd generation Apple TV in a form factor that fits in the palm of your hand (3.9 x 3.9 x .09 inches). The A4 chip powered device can access content online from popular services like YouTube and Flickr, as well as premium movies and TV shows in HD from iTunes and Netflix. In fact, TV shows can be rented from iTunes for $0.99 a pop and require no downloads since they — as well as HD movies — are streamed to the device on-demand from Apple’s servers (more on that below). As for the UI, it hasn’t really changed in appearance from the last update — though it now offers the ability to see an aggregated view of iTunes shared photo, music, video content on the network and can playback content zapped to it via an AirPlay capable device like the iPad, iPhone, or iPod. So the big news then is the new content partners (Steve has opened the gate to his walled garden a bit), AirPlay, and the device itself, which will be sold for $99 and available in the coming weeks. Missing: any kind of details regarding TV specific apps for the platform.

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