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Apple TV: the leak of its existence is confirmed

It’s been some time since we had heard news about the future of Apple iTV, something corrected today. While Steve Jobs spoke of his TV project in the biography of Isaac Watson, at Apple had neither confirmed nor denied the existence of it.

Yet, the Wall Street Journal told us that Apple has informed the management of several U.S. TV stations, the arrival of the Apple TV. As rumors suggested in recent months, the voice recognition system Siri will be present, and will control your TV remote, while a motion sensor should be in the game. Apple requires that  the Apple TV will also be equipped with the AirPlay that will allow to begin to watch a movie sitting quietly on the couch and continue playinf on the iPhone or iPad. The function would, however, only be possible when playing a movie streaming from the Apple TV box. Finally, the presence of iTunes and icloud is also important to note, even if there is nothing surprising I agree.

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