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APC: VIA launches an Android PC for $49 with an ARM CPU

VIA has announced the availability of the APC, a PC running Android OS and sold for just $49. If the manufacturer is one of the few to have a X86 license (Intel and AMD), it turns to the ARM architecture to realize it’s project.

More than a PC, this is primarily a motherboard in a new “Neo-ITX” format which measures 170 x 85 mm, is typically half of what offers the Mini ITX. The cases are compatible with the latter format will therefore be supported, as are those in micro ATX. By cons, they will not require power, since the manufacturer provides an external outlet delivering 15 watts.

We can find on this board a Wondermedia chip, owned by VIA, which is based on its ARM11 architecture whose the single core runs at 800 MHz. This SoC will be accompanied by 512MB of DDR3 and 2 GB of storage. The latter can be completed via the microSDHC card reader that is present on the board.

In terms of connectivity, the manufacturer offers four USB 2.0 ports, a pair of VGA and HDMI outputs as well as classic jacks for headphones and microphone. Obviously, an ethernet plug will also be there, and offer up to 100 Mbps throughput.

Finally, this micro PC will be provided with an Android version based on Gingerbread (Android 2.3), but has been thoroughly revised and updated to take advantage of large screens like those of our televisions. Beware though, playing videos in high definition will be limited to 720p.

The manufacturer has announced to start marketing the APC this summer for a fee of $49.

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